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Can I have my beans unground?

Local coffee uses roasted beans that have been roasted in margarine and sugar to extract the wonderful aroma. If you grind these beans in your household grinder, it Is likely to cause a clog in your grinder. Hence we grind the coffee beans beforehand with our industrial grade grinder.

Can I request for the size of the grind? 

Local ground coffee is not suitable for expresso machines. Hence the size of the grind that Ground Kopi provides is most suitable for drip/plunger aka French Press coffee. We do use our expresso machine in Lean Bar but that is because we are the curious adventurous sort.

How fresh is my coffee?

We grind your coffee a day or two (at most) before we ship it to you. Depending on your destination, it might take a couple of days or a week. We strongly suggest if you’re as fanatical about local coffee as we are, to swing by Lean Bar and pick them yourself. We would.

Well we are not so free, how fast can you ship?

Standard delivery orders will reach you between 3-5 working days. Please take note that if you do not hear from us within 12 hours of sending an order, do send us an email (we will get back to you ASAP as we might be in the midst of grounding kopi!)

What is your return policy? 

If you took one sniff and absolutely hated it, we are happy to refund the full price of the product because we trust that you’re not being a pain. Please arrange for the shipping back to us. If we take one sniff and absolutely hated it, we will refund you the shipping and personally send a replacement to you with a tray of cookies. If you return a half used or ¾ used package (we will weigh them, we kid you not), we shall not entertain.  

How many cups can I brew?

Our coffee is packaged in 250g,150g & 50g portions to maintain freshness. Depending on how strong you like your coffee, typically 25g is ideal for 200ml to 300ml water (one serve) for stronger coffee. 

How should I store the coffee powder?

Our coffee comes in resealable bags. Keep your coffee powder at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. If you want to suffocate the ground coffee, then keep them further isolated in a oxygen free tupperware. 

How long can I keep the coffee?

As we freshly grind the coffee upon receiving your order, the coffee can last for about 2 weeks from the time we ground the coffee in room temperature of between 18°C to 25°C. We recommend to freeze it if you are considering to keep it beyond 2 weeks. Your coffee will come in resealable bags.

Do you ship internationally?

Delivery is currently limited to within Singapore only, but we have ambitions to ship them worldwide. 

Do you B2B? 

Yes we do! Drop us an email! 

Do you franchise? 

Depends on who is asking. We want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Making coffee is not all that easy. Trust us. But if you reckon you are up for it, drop us a line. 

Do you have subscription? 

It's only because we love you and do not wish to make you feel like you have to subscribe to us. Just send us an email that you wish to buy another package and we will send it to you. We are a small independent artisanal company and want to get to know you. So most likely we will remember you and your orders. Who knows, we might just deliver your package personally or better still, come by Lean Bar and have a chat with us. We promise to give you a free cookie. The code is “Free Cookie” and you will be in our little "Greenbook" of beloved Groundies. 

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